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The Avonworth School District is implementing a series of innovative, fundamental changes designed to better provide our students with the skills, dispositions and experiences they need to succeed in the future.

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With a middle school that has been designated a Don Eichorn “School to Watch” and a high school that was named a "P21 Exemplar School" by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning, Avonworth School District has been at the forefront both locally and nationally when it comes to exceptional education. As a member of the League of Innovative Schools through the Digital Promise, Avonworth has established itself as a forward-thinking leader in innovative learning.


In order to expand upon its strong foundation of literacy and numeracy programs, Avonworth School District has been focusing on project-based learning as a means to provide students with authentic learning experiences on all levels. 


With the introduction of the Pathways to the Future initiative, Avonworth will build on this foundation and focus on personalization of learning, interdisciplinary learning, and the use of space and time.



Through 1:1 digital device implementation, through the curriculum and through the Personal Pathways Program (formerly known as Career Academies), students are encouraged to explore their interests and passions and connect to real-world experiences and careers.

Interdisciplinary Learning


Cross-disciplinary courses with project-based approaches will provide students with deeper dives into subjects, allowing for a more resonant application of knowledge that builds meaning, empathy and tolerance.

Use of Space & Time


Learning spaces will be transformed for collaborative and creative learning activities, and student schedules will be designed for more productive and fulfilling learning opportunities, on and off campus.

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Pathways to the Future


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